The architecture and sculpture of the Gothic

Technical facilities
Is only slightly rotate your view, so the flow of information overwhelms the mind. The sector survey now turned to fortification. Some time ago, going to visit his friend, found…

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The Mausoleum Of Samanids
Mausoleum of the Samanids – the most ancient building in Bukhara, extant in their pristine environment. It was built at the turn of the IX and X centuries long Mausoleum…

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Underground Etruscan pyramids
Archaeologists have discovered an underground pyramid of the Etruscans Known above-ground Etruscan pyramids, this is one of them. Most likely, they served as altars. In Central Italy a group of…

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Underground treatment facilities

The house and cottage with their own hands

How to make a underground treatment plant, if you live in a rural area

In manor house for a family of 4-5 persons with normal water discharge of 150 l per person per day full biological treatment is to occur in an average of 0.75 cu. m of economic-faecal waters ( 150 people).

Septic tank for 2-3 cameras take rectangular or circular shape of brick, rubble or precast concrete rings. The more cameras, the better water purification.

A rectangular septic tank may be a length of 270 cm, width 90 cm and height 125 – 200 cm (internal dimensions) and a wall thickness of 30 cm.

In front of the inlet pipe is fixed transverse tarred Board to catch the pop-up particles at the end of which wear tee (one side of it immersed in the liquid, and the second is used for fixing of air vents, released through overlapping and towering half a meter above the ground).

Transverse membranes septic tank is divided into two or three cells. At the bottom of the walls make holes for trapping grease and floating particles on the water surface is attached the transverse Board. The ceiling has a hatch with a double lid, in the winter it is warm and sprinkle the ground with the slopes out.

Filter well

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The history of ancient art

Funerary structure: the first manifestations

The temples of Karnak and Luxor are amazing examples of monumental Egyptian architecture. In the case of Karnak, the speech can go not about the temple itself, but about a wide range of buildings of a sacred character, which had been building for centuries at the behest of various pharaohs, including Queen Hatshepsut, amenemhat III, and SETI I. Ramses II and Ramses III. View his Pocket, clearly demonstrating the large size of this complex and which, in addition to its planimetry, we can note a widespread use of stone as a building material

The king was the representative of all the people, the intermediary between people and gods. When you save the life of the king preserved it for all other groups. Continued the annual cycle of the Nile with its spill. Funeral rites has gained importance as rulers to know and also experienced the desire to have a tomb similar to the tomb king, which would ensure them eternal life. Therein lie the origins of the development of mastabas, the characteristic form of burial architecture of the upper classes. If the cemetery is, in principle, were within the limits of cities and towns, with the adoption of the cult, aims at eternal life, Maccabi began to group, forming streets with proper planning. These streets were developed in these cities of the dead, far from city centres. At the same time, was crystallized three principles Continue reading

The ancient history of Mexico and the Nazca lines

That hide the ancient history of Mexico and the Nazca lines

As each and every historical discovery, pseudo gem and the same statement is probably true only in case, if you follow all the basic principles of its establishment. Therefore Andrey Sklyarov movies and shoots directly at the places of military glory. And if not to go far and to look to his travels to Study the Nazca plateau with its mysterious figures and buildings of ancient Mexico, which, according to Sklyarov story . were erected not by man, but by extraterrestrial beings unknown to modern science instruments and technology. But a more careful study of these most divine of buildings and various “miraculous” products are some shakes in different directions judgment about their divinity, and in some cases (such as of dinosaurs Inca times) and generally shows continuous sell-towners by locals. And they do it to improve their miserable existence at their expense, fueling interest in unsuspecting citizens of various countries. In short, if you sum up our beginning, the reader or listener tends to believe that something in our history really isn’t. Yes and how does Sklyarov movies . very often one-sided, showing only one, right operator side with his personal the Aryans losing sight of the “insignificant” details, such as tourists in the background in “completely forbidden place”, figurines, Continue reading

Gothic architecture


Gothic architecture

Gothic (it. gotico – letters. Gothic, svyazannye with a Germanic tribe is ready) – an artistic style that emerged in the mid-twelfth century in France and spread in Western, Central and partly in Eastern Europe. Gothic completed the development of European medieval art and arose on the basis of the achievements of Roman culture. The term “Gothic” became established during the Renaissance to refer to all medieval art, which was considered “barbaric”. Gothic art was a cult on purpose and religious topics. It appealed to higher forces of the divine, of eternity, of the Christian worldview.

The leading place in the art was Gothic Cathedral, around which was concentrated the life of the citizens. Structural basis of the Cathedral served as a frame of pillars and based on them Lancet arches. The imposition of outside structural elements that support the cross vault, has created an enormous, incommensurable with the person the space of the interior. The walls of the Cathedral were cut huge Windows with colourful stained glass, which in the mysterious gloom of the interior glowed bright red, blue, yellow colours Continue reading

Underground structures of the world

5 interesting facts about the underground buildings of the world

1. The first underpass for pedestrians was built in Babylon

The history of the underground tunnels on which the people could, without danger to life to move in the right direction, has not even one thousand years. According to the researchers of the ancient world, the first crossing was built in 2180 BC in the Babylonian Kingdom by order of Queen Semiramis.

The transition took place under the river Euphrates, and for its time it was quite a large building: the length of the crossing together with approach slopes was about eight or nine hundred meters.

Since then, located in the bowels of the earth transitional pedestrian crossings for people have become commonplace. Pedestrian tunnels appeared under many major rivers, for example, under the London Thames: famous Greenwich tunnel, which is based on cast-iron pipe of three hundred and seventy meters, leads to Dog island at a depth of about fifteen meters. And two years ago in the vastness of Kenya appeared first underpass for elephants: now African animals can easily cross the busy road.

2. The world’s first underground bike Parking in Japan

Underground Parking for cars in the world, where the shortage of urban space is felt particularly acutely, have long moved from the category of luxury to the category of need. Continue reading

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