The architecture and sculpture of the Gothic

Coral castle
The most mysterious places on the planet Coral castle CORAL CASTLE is a complex of huge statues and megaliths weighing 1,100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines…

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Features of Gothic script
Features of Gothic script Gothic letter — collection letter Latin handwritings of the middle ages. Appeared in the XI century, replacing the Carolingian uncial letter. Since the beginning of the…

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The ancient history of Mexico and the Nazca lines
That hide the ancient history of Mexico and the Nazca lines As each and every historical discovery, pseudo gem and the same statement is probably true only in case, if…

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Gothic castles

Gothic castles

Selection of castles in Gothic and not quite styles.

There are things that amaze people. One of these things are old buildings, particularly Gothic castles. How people could build such magnificent structures? It is amazing. Let’s look at a selection of different castles and palaces, made in different countries of Europe. Each of these buildings unique.

Do you know the legend about the famous prison tower? The London fortress keeps a lot of deaths and torture. Cast first appeared in the tower in the 13th century, and now say about them many security guards who remain to guard the prison at night. Often the ghosts of the Royal individuals. The most famous Ghost of the tower is the figure of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of the famous king Henry VIII. Anna died at the age of 35 years by order of the king. Her headless Ghost often walks the corridors of the tower.

Also there is a legend about the Ghost of Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury. Her beliefs differed from the beliefs of the king of England Henry VIII, so the king ordered to behead the Countess. At the time of execution Margaret refused to put my head on the deck and escaped from the executioner, but he caught up with her and hacked with an axe. Now this scene is repeated night and the guards are dismissed, because to see the horrors every night — there are mental problems.

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Gothic harmony

Gothic harmony

In 1983 released the cult film “the Hunger” directed by Tony Scott, with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie in the lead roles. The history of the vampire Miriam and her lover John fascinated the world with its Gothic beauty. It is here where the Gothic subculture, the prelude to which was the classic Gothic style.

The term “Gothic” appeared in the Renaissance, it was called medieval art in General. Then the evaluation of the creations of the middle Ages was not particularly positive. The building facades were considered barbaric and has no aesthetic value. Later phases were identified in Gothic: early, Mature and late, it has evolved in those countries dominated by Catholicism. The main purpose of Gothic art has always been its contemplative beauty. One need only look at the magnificent Gothic cathedrals, with the vertical structure. Pointed towers and turrets as if to reach for the sky, the embodiment of Supreme bliss and ethereal tranquility.

The harmony of architecture, sculpture and painting through the Gothic art. Taking this principle can be considered as the stained glass Windows. The most famous of the Gothic cathedrals are Notre-Dame de Paris, Amiens and Reims cathedrals. Currently Gothic (or Gothic) style is very popular. And this applies not only Continue reading

The most Holy places of the world

The most Holy places of the world

On our planet there are more than 25 thousand religious movements and cults. And each of these religions has its own Holy places . marked some very important spiritual event or imprinted in the Scriptures. The number of such Holy places is very difficult to count, and enjoyed every one of them and it is not possible. But in the world there are two cities that are considered the most sacred of all is Jerusalem (Israel) and Varanasi (India). Each of these Holy places revered in three religions . Jerusalem is a sacred city for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Varanasi is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Both these Holy places attract thousands of pilgrims, eager to see every one to his own Shrine.

This city is a real stumbling block in the relations between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Tens of thousands of adherents of each of these religions were killed for possession of their Holy place in Jerusalem. The war over Jerusalem began all historical epochs, and political strife because of it does not cease to this day.

Jews consider Jerusalem their Holy place, for obvious reasons: it is the city where king Solomon built the first Temple – the main Shrine of Judaism and the Jewish personification of the status of God’s chosen people. The first Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, rebuilt the Second Temple brave before the Foundation of the Roman Emperor Titus, the construction of the Third Temple Jews have been waiting for almost 2 thousand Continue reading

Secrets of the underworld

Mysteries and secrets of history

Secrets of the underworld

Secrets of the underground world, it is difficult to find a nation on Earth that didn’t have legends about creatures living in the darkness of the dungeons. They were much older than the human race and led their origin from dwarfs, disappeared from the surface of the earth, possessed secret knowledge and crafts.

Against people inhabitants of dungeons were generally hostile.

Therefore, we can assume that in fairy tales described actually existed, and could be today existing underground world, or a hollow Earth .

Mysterious underground world exists not only in legends. In recent decades, the number of visitors to the caves has increased markedly. All make their way deeper and deeper into the bowels of the Earth adventurers and miners, increasingly they encounter traces of the mysterious underground inhabitants.

It turned out that beneath us there is a whole network of tunnels stretching thousands of kilometers and enveloping the whole Earth network, and the huge, sometimes inhabited the underground city.

Goes especially a lot of stories about the mysterious South American tunnels.

Even the famous English Explorer and scientist Percy Fawcett, who was many times in South America, mentioned in his books about the longest caves, located near the volcanoes Popocatepetl Continue reading

Most mysterious places Earth

“Charmed”, “the Most mysterious places of the Earth”, “Secrets of the world with Anna Chapman”. What’s the connection?

The transfer of “the Most mysterious places of the Earth” will allow you to visit unusual places on the planet. Is a transfer of about 25 episodes.

In the first series we will talk about Alcatraz. Once this prison was also mentioned in the television series “Charmed”. Her whole series was dedicated. There is a legend that the souls of the prisoners still live in this prison. This place is located in the San Francisco Bay, there often visit. Visitors are told about how the prisoners lived. There were exiled the most hopeless. A whole series of shows devoted to this island-prison. Many earnestly believe that there are ghosts, and claim to have seen them.

In the second series the audience will tell about New Orleans, the City of the Dead. Here twisted American, French and African culture. This city is a real cultural phenomenon. They say that the city is being haunted.

In the fourth series we will focus on the state of Massachusetts, the city of Salem, the Witch City. It, too, as it was mentioned in “Charmed”. Now the TV show “the Most mysterious places of the Earth took it’s place. Here were held the trials of witches, who were burned at the stake in the seventeenth century.

In the sixth episode will tell you about the Mayan civilization and their cities. They could Continue reading

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