The Mausoleum Of Samanids
Mausoleum of the Samanids – the most ancient building in Bukhara, extant in their pristine environment. It was built at the turn of the IX and X centuries long Mausoleum…

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The highest religious buildings
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Giant artificial underground structures
Giant artificial underground structures and other megaliths in Russia Mysterious places of Russia — the ancient cities of Siberia It is considered that we are Russian nation is quite young.In…

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Underground structures of the world

5 interesting facts about the underground buildings of the world

1. The first underpass for pedestrians was built in Babylon

The history of the underground tunnels on which the people could, without danger to life to move in the right direction, has not even one thousand years. According to the researchers of the ancient world, the first crossing was built in 2180 BC in the Babylonian Kingdom by order of Queen Semiramis.

The transition took place under the river Euphrates, and for its time it was quite a large building: the length of the crossing together with approach slopes was about eight or nine hundred meters.

Since then, located in the bowels of the earth transitional pedestrian crossings for people have become commonplace. Pedestrian tunnels appeared under many major rivers, for example, under the London Thames: famous Greenwich tunnel, which is based on cast-iron pipe of three hundred and seventy meters, leads to Dog island at a depth of about fifteen meters. And two years ago in the vastness of Kenya appeared first underpass for elephants: now African animals can easily cross the busy road.

2. The world’s first underground bike Parking in Japan

Underground Parking for cars in the world, where the shortage of urban space is felt particularly acutely, have long moved from the category of luxury to the category of need. And here is underground Parking for two-wheeled vehicles for us still a novelty. The first such facility in this year appeared in the Japanese capital.

However, this idea the Japanese borrowed from American colleagues: it has been several years in Philadelphia, successfully operating a multi-level Bicycle Parking. The Japanese in turn only moved this structure from the earth’s surface into its depths.

In the end, the Tokyo Bicycle Parking consists of two cylindrical reservoir, each for a nominal charge may be placed about seventy two bikes.

In order to attach your bike to go down under the ground don’t have to: every Parking lot has multiple external receivers, which will automatically place the owner abandoned the bike at one of the open seats.

3. The first underground hotel was built on the site of the former catacombs

Pilot the arrival of the tourists in an underground hotel took place in 1988 in a small town in the Green continent — New South Wales. The three-star Desert Cave hotel settled in the former catacombs, in which Australians once had been mining opals. Over time the hotel grew, and now all the campers here can enjoy not only hidden from prying eyes bed place, but also many underground shops and bars. And all this for a hundred and twenty Australian dollars per day.

Over time, underground hotels “settled” is not only the former mines and catacombs, but also mountains and even volcanic caves. And unusual hotel in Sweden, consisting of only one room, located in the former silver mines at fantastic depths in a hundred and fifty five meters. But, of course, the most famous underground Goodies can be found today in New Zealand.

4. One of the future world Championships may take on the world’s first underground stadium

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