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Underground treatment facilities

The house and cottage with their own hands

How to make a underground treatment plant, if you live in a rural area

In manor house for a family of 4-5 persons with normal water discharge of 150 l per person per day full biological treatment is to occur in an average of 0.75 cu. m of economic-faecal waters ( 150 people).

Septic tank for 2-3 cameras take rectangular or circular shape of brick, rubble or precast concrete rings. The more cameras, the better water purification.

A rectangular septic tank may be a length of 270 cm, width 90 cm and height 125 – 200 cm (internal dimensions) and a wall thickness of 30 cm.

In front of the inlet pipe is fixed transverse tarred Board to catch the pop-up particles at the end of which wear tee (one side of it immersed in the liquid, and the second is used for fixing of air vents, released through overlapping and towering half a meter above the ground).

Transverse membranes septic tank is divided into two or three cells. At the bottom of the walls make holes for trapping grease and floating particles on the water surface is attached the transverse Board. The ceiling has a hatch with a double lid, in the winter it is warm and sprinkle the ground with the slopes out.

Filter well

Its approximate solution in two versions: precast concrete rings and brick-ironstone. Well blocked reinforced concrete slab with a hole for the hatch at a depth of 0.8-0.9 m from the ground surface. Above of brick round the neck of the post to ground level and make a second hatch with vent. Between the hatches poured insulation.

The walls are perforated, without waterproofing and ozelenenie from the inside. In masonry every fourth row left hole section 20х85 (75) mm due to the divergence of bricks with step 27 cm Distance between holes vertically – 225 mm. Hole followed by vrazbezhku.

The well is filled with rubble and gravel to a height of 1 m. the Base of the well is a layer of filtering media of coarse sand 20 cm thick filter bottom is Obtained with a height of 1.2 m. the Maximum depth of the well is not more than 2.5 m from the ground surface.

The outside has a draped booth, rubble and gravel to the level of the inlet pipe. As you can see, the design of the filter well of similar design rainwater basin mountain keys.

Tank for collecting and storing fluid from domestic animals is also of reinforced concrete rings or brick-ironstone. Wall it waterproof, brick, thickness of 38 cm (half brick), rectangular shape. Put them in cement mortar, zeleznaya inside, outside is double-coated with hot bitumen and arrange the clay lock of beaten clay with a layer of 20-30 cm

Top arrange a wooden hatch from the tarred boards, make the blind area (genomebiology or asphalt) with a slope outside, not penetrated” rainwater and melted water. The feed pipe (ceramic, asbestos cement or cast iron) with a slope of the tray is in the closed ground of the shed. Depending on the number of animals doing one or two wells. Periodically open the hatch, scoop muck and water the manure and compost.


Newsagencies on rural estates make in the form of a light shed or an extension to the barn. The wooden frame is covered with planks, wattle or straw, and covered with corrugated asbestos sheets or roofing felt. The main objective of canopy is to protect the manure from rain, wind, sun and flies, so the walls are sometimes just covered with a dense mesh. However, it is difficult to build and more main walls of one brick or of plastered Adobe, limestone, etc.

Dung-yard feature outside of the backyard, in the rear of buildings, from the garden, which attracts all household waste household economy. This area is densely plant around trees and hedges. Most often it is the North side of the estate. The floor is displaced to a storage tank, make waterproof concrete with a slope of 1:15 under the direction of the ladder-the collection Gigi.

Compost in the form of a pyramid, composed of layers of soil, peat, manure, sludge from septic tanks, household waste, poured slush and slop. After ripening the mixture shovelled into the ground.

After reading this article, you already have an idea what to do and how to do it yourself treatment plant in their gardens.

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