Quarantine Sloboda
The initiative group "Quarantine village" announces the start of the project . In the framework of the project "Judicial proceedings on annulment of a Contract on temporary use right of…

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Gothic architecture
Report: Gothic architecture Gothic architecture The Gothic style was the first rather original architectural style which was born in Northern Europe. More than 300 years the rising up, penetrated by…

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About the Sphinx and the great pyramids
The ancient Egyptians have left monuments which to this day amaze scientists for its giant size. The most significant monuments of ancient Egypt are the Great Pyramids. These grandiose structures…

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The most mysterious places


Amur poles Portal to other dimensions

Anza-Borrego desert Bloom

Aokigahara Forest of suicides

Ar dalam, the Cave of Adam and eve

Arkaim is the City of mutual support

Baalbek, the capital of the Great lost civilizations

Baikal Lake water and fire

Bayonne Defeat the demons within himself!

Barsakelmes Island of no return

Tower of griffins All digitized!

Devils tower is the Remains of an extinct volcano or something more?

White desert For those who want to see the other planets

White Gods is the Place where you will hear each

Skeleton coast the Nightmare of seafarers

The Bermuda triangle is a Hole in the ocean or the road to heaven?

Manchak swamp Ghosts every year more and more

The hospital of Saint John and the Poor suffer after death

Great Blue hole Belize Mysterious

Large prismatic source Eyes, staring at the sky

Halong Gift of dragons

Varanasi is the Boundary between life and death

Vedlozero UFO Base in Karelia

Great Zimbabwe Fortress in the middle of the Savannah

The merry cemetery With humor and easier to live, and die

The great Sphinx of Eternal mysteries

Windsor castle, the former Monarchs scare the real rulers

Waterfall Horse tail Fire and water in one bottle

The gate of the Gods You to input or output?

Dallol volcano Dream works

Gaiole Ghost of welfare

The Ship Hatteras graveyard of the Atlantic

Geyser fly Made in America

The Nazca geoglyphs From the Earth to the Orion

Clay Shi Huang’s army to Live and fight after death!

The goseck circle, the Neolithic in action

Voters ravine Corridor of time

Blue hole Cemetery divers

Mount Washington is the Place with the worst weather in the world

Hill of Crosses crosses 50 000 and no one dead

Sanji Ghost Town

Beelitz-Heilstatten the Most beautiful ruins of modernity

The Hotel “1891” Luxury, available ghosts

The Grand canyon is a Journey through four geological eras of the Earth

Grand Opera Ghost loves music

Tutankhamun’s tomb Millennial curse

Gudinski broke Rotten place

Valley of the headless Horror gold diggers

Death valley is a Dangerous beauty

The Winchester mystery house to Build, build and build!

Devil’s hole is the Entrance to hell

Home of Mikhail Bulgakov’s the same “naughty apartment”

The castle of Glamis Too many ghosts

Zbiroh Protection from the evil eye

Jingle Bell rock in the mountains

MSU Mystical pyramid of Joseph Stalin

Land Tikoloshe the Kingdom of lions in the

Golden gate Bridge suicides

Zone of silence the grave of a humanoid

Area 51 the Most secretive place on earth

Eluu Cherkekh Land Criminal Alien

Yellowstone Diamond, which not only sparkles

Kailash Main mystery of Tibet

Devils canyon Equivalent of 8000 nuclear bombs

Capitol House thirteen spirits

The house of Bakshi the Keeper of many secrets

Cappadocia is an Amazing city in the rocks

Carthaginian Tophet sacrifice of children

The Charles bridge is the Guarantee of execution of desires

The catacombs of Paris Maze under the ground

Kalkulacka cave Dwelling Black shaman

Queimado Grande snake island

The kelvedon hall Accommodation is deadly

Kelimutu Lake the immortal souls

Kensington Palace, the Royal Place of misery

Elephants of kitum cave — use, people — death

Magical market Sonora asked Nervous not to look

Jacob’s well is Deceptive safety

The Church of Peter and Paul, the Proud, the devil drags

Krevo castle Stronghold was defended by the soldiers and the stones

Bloody pond hell Branch

Kungurskaya Ice cave Kingdom

Mounds Cahokia Hosed century

Vale de Luna a piece of the moon on the Earth

The lair of the vampire Castle bran

Dell Black bamboo Portal to nowhere

Bald mountain Sighs executed or the cries of night birds?

Lychakiv cemetery is a Walk through the centuries

Maelstrom Slimming on the bottom of the ships and destroying the walls

Mammoth cave Solid records and are no mammoths

Muncaster Castle good luck

The Mariana trench the Most unexplored part of the planet

Machu Picchu is the Old new wonder of the world

The lighthouse Eileen moir Mysterious disappearance of Rangers

Medveditsky ridge of the Hills that attracts lightning

Mexican mummy Museum Impressionable faint

Dead lake is Akin to the Dead sea?

Mystery Spot where gravity is cancelled

The Mikhailovsky castle Last refuge of the Emperor

The moai of Easter island Character there!

Molebskuyu triangle Place contacts or fashionable attraction?

Lightning of Catatumbo Nights of continuous fire

The sea devil is Another “Bermuda triangle”?

Bridge Overtown Killer four-legged friends

The Madame Tussauds Wax figures come alive at night

Museum mutter the Most terrible Museum in the world

Garbage island Filthy product of civilization

Cape Meganom the Entrance to the realm of the dead, or base of “flying saucers”?

Myasnoy Apocalypse the Second world

The unforgettable Museum of horror Tickle your nerves!

Nemrut, a moveable Feast

Nicholas Cathedral Or the Church Drunk

Nikolskoye cemetery Last refuge officials

Nora’s death is the Result of the war of the gods

Night of the falling birds Jatinga Valley

Newgrange Older than the pyramids

Newspaper Rock Read the latest!

Bypass channel the Line between the worlds of the living and the dead

The abode of the heretics Abhayagiri Vihara

Loch ness dinosaur Refuge?

The eye of Sahara Mysterious richat structure

The midget mansion Small house is a great horror

Mystical Ostankino district of Moscow

Island of dolls “Children’s hell”

The unit 731 Museum of civilization nightmares

Kyaiktiyo Golden rock

Palmyra Killer’s Paradise

The Dyatlov pass dead Mountain nine

Pere Lachaise Parisians greet life!

Peter’s Imperishable rose of the desert

Cave of skeletons fact or fiction?

The pyramids of Yonaguni, the Sunken Atlantis found?

Powella Island on the bones

Underwater wonder of the Great barrier reef

Pidhirtsi castle Shelter warlock

Puerto Princesa Underground river

Pompeii a Town destroyed by volcano

Poyan Lake, maddening

The parish Church in knock Miracles happen today

Oak island Cursed treasure

Desert Danakil the Most beautiful branch of hell

Spotted lake Kliluk Knows how many days in a year

Rainham hall of Falsification is excluded

Recoleta Cemetery celebrities

Rio Tinto River acidic vinegar

The Rollright Stones, The King, the witch and evil vandals

Roopkund the Lake of skeletons

The building with the rotunda on Gorokhovaya a wish in exchange for his life

SAC-Aktun the realm of the dead under water

Sacsayhuaman Witness “war of the gods”

Death valley the hottest place on earth

Sargasso sea Without shores and without wind

Athos Monastic state

Svetloyar Lake Kitezh-grad

Sabl the Island of bad luck

Cairns Northern mysteries

Cenote of Death the Mouth of the water witches

The tablets Georgia Live and let live!

Sculpture, Isla mujeres, man-made underwater world

Goblin valley Created by nature

Socotra Island of happiness

Wailing wall talk directly to God!

Sterling Bulwark of a nation on a volcano

Stonehenge model of the Solar system?

Dry valleys of Antarctica Without water millions of years

The tower ravens are Still alive, the kings sit on the throne

Taellberg Mountain Templar

Teotihuacan The City Of The Feathered Serpent

The Spa the guardian of the treasure of the Third Reich

The thornwood American English castle with ghosts

Route 66 is Not just a road

Travanti Stones that grow and multiply

Trail giant feel like a midget!

The Tunguska meteorite Mystery of the twentieth century

The Amityville horror House posessed by demons

Uluru the Rock that gives strength

Fatima the virgin Mary is innocent

Fort Bhangar Seers need to listen

Highgate Last refuge Jack the Ripper

Khara-Khoto No water no life

Abandoned hashima island cruiser

Hiller Pink diamond in the crown of Australia

Hovrinskaya hospital the evil Star

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Miracle happens every year

Crystal caves Crystals weighing 58 tons

Shaoguan colorful mountains Nature is not stingy on the paint

The Church is the charnel house has all the Terrible beauty!

Charleston prison Spirits repair blot

Quarantine Sloboda
The initiative group "Quarantine village" announces the start of the project . In the framework of the project "Judicial proceedings on annulment of a Contract on temporary use right of…


Quarantine Sloboda
The initiative group "Quarantine village" announces the start of the project . In the framework of the project "Judicial proceedings on annulment of a Contract on temporary use right of…