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Giant artificial underground structures

Giant artificial underground structures and other megaliths in Russia

Mysterious places of Russia — the ancient cities of Siberia

It is considered that we are Russian nation is quite young.In fact, four thousand years ago were built

The pyramids of Egypt.Not even Jesus Christ was born, and the ancient Romans had already managed to sink to the bottom luxury and debauchery.

And our ancestors really haven’t started yet.But as it turned out, the Russian history is far more ancient roots than previously thought.

Grand megaliths have been found in the Kemerovo region in the South of Western Siberia, at the junction of the Altai and Sayan mountains, where

is the area known under the name of the Mountain

Shoria. At a height of over 1000 metres, are the remains

a huge wall, built of striking the imagination

megalithic blocks.

Mysterious places in Russia are many, but in this ancient city in Siberia, the ancient builders even cut in some places the rocks under the Foundation, and the blocks have dimensions far exceeding the famous blocks of Baalbek terrace.

This discovery requires a closer examination of scientists

of different directions.

There are some facts that need research:

Wall breached in three places by large explosions, which

the blocks shattered around for hundreds of meters.

Granite in some places have melted from exposure to a huge

temperature and drip under the weight of the upper rows.

The wall is composed of polygonal walls out of colorful blocks.

The vertical rows of blocks are horizontally overlapping and

riddled with thick veins of quartz. Perhaps this construction

use the energy output of the Earth. The fact that in this place

there is an exit of a certain force, prove the amazing trees that grow on bare rocks without soil and water.

Nearby is overgrown with trees, pyramidal in shape

building, height of 800 meters.

The binoculars are seen the ruins of the other structures now found

the remains of similar constructions in other places of the Altai, which

form with these huge ruins of a geometric figure.

After the rain on the blocks you can see the runic letters.

Books of the expedition participant G. And Sidorova:

Chronologi-esoteric analysis of the development

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