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What to see in Brugge in one day?

Living the dream

The magical city of antiquity or what to see in Brugge in one day?

On the last day of his trip to Benelux we headed to the mysterious capital of West Flanders. So, today I will tell you what to see in Bruges in one day . how to reach it and what the experience has given me this city.

Bruges is a city that it was impossible not to visit.

How to reach Bruges?

To get to Bruges is the most convenient from the Belgian capital’s railway stations of Bruxelles Nord, Bruxelles Central or Bruxelles Midi. We had a super pass. so we didn’t have to buy a ticket. The cost of the trip from Brussels to Bruges is € 14 for an adult. The ticket could be bought in the station ticket office or online ( for example, raileurope, thetrainline-europe ). Trains depart very frequently, every 20-30 minutes.

Bruges is 100 km from Brussels, so the trip takes about an hour. European trains will give you the comfort and purity. In the middle of the road is Ghent . and if you have time, you can have time to see and this city. For us, this was not possible, so we came straight to the Central station of Bruges.

Especially Bruges

In Bruges we were not even one day and only 7 hours, but that time was enough to explore the city. However, in order to enjoy the unhurried and atmospheric walks, to which Bruges is just disposed, it is better to come here at least for two days.

So, you have arrived at the Central station, from which you can begin to know the capital of West Flanders. The guides don’t lie, Bruges almost completely managed to preserve its medieval beauty . In the city it is difficult to find modern skyscrapers and buildings, new houses here are created only in the appropriate architectural style. My advice would be to arrive in Bruges as early as possible. Walking through the deserted streets at 8.00 am, we moved in the middle Ages.

To ride on a horse carriage through the ancient city is very romantic:)

Bruges is a very romantic city. Here you can ride on a horse carriage past architectural masterpieces, the cruise along the city’s canals, make a colorful photos on the background color of the buildings of the Market square. And the atmosphere. she’s here really special and even somewhat magical. Still, no wonder the city is rich in history, managed to keep its original look, so attractive to tourists.

What to see in Brugge in one day?

In the article about the most useful applications for phoneand. I wrote laudatory odes to the program Redigo, and it is in Brugge we really appreciated the convenience of this mobile app. If you follow a specified guidebook in electronic route, you can avoid all the major attractions and feel the spirit of the ancient city.

1. The Grote Markt

The Grote Markt or market square — a Central place in the city. Here are the main tourist cafes and restaurants. The decoration of the square are pointed colored buildings, reminiscent of the past trade places.

2. City Hall

This majestic building is located on market square. A Gothic building fits perfectly into the architecture of the city and is considered one of the most important attractions of Bruges.

The town hall in Bruges made in the Gothic style.

3. Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Not to say that the Cathedral can impress you with its extraordinary beauty, in Brussels, the architecture of the temples still richer. But the high historical significance of the Cathedral commits to visit it when traveling in Bruges.

4. Belfry

At first glance it seems that this chapel, but the Church building attitude has not. Tower city Council could play the role of convening local citizens on collecting or celebration.

5. Souvenir shops, Belgian chocolate

Close to market square, the whole streets are lined with shops with a huge variety of black, milk and white chocolate of various shapes and sizes. Prices from € 2 per 100 g.

6. Church Of Our Lady

The Church stands proudly over the city, because of its bell tower reaches a height of 122 meters. The entrance to the temple is free, but to see the most valuable exhibits, set behind the altar, you will have to pay. For the price you isoorientin, we did not go inside.

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