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Technical facilities

Is only slightly rotate your view, so the flow of information overwhelms the mind.

The sector survey now turned to fortification.

Some time ago, going to visit his friend, found him going through the next part of the game “Medal of honor”. On location was the beginning of the stage, landing with a parachute on Grand building called “flak tower”. All would be nothing, they say, you never know what the visionaries developers just making games for gamers. But what was my surprise when it turned out that such towers exist.

this tower was the prototype of the developers of the game.

A bit of public domain material.

So, what is it? Literally translated as Flakturm “Flak tower” that would certainly explain the purpose of these structures, developed by engineer Friedrich Tamms. At the top of the building – the platform for eight anti-aircraft guns 12,8-cm-Flak 40 (including pairing), at the bottom is under the earth, – the huge bunker that can accommodate up to 30 thousand people. Flakturm was in the area of the Berlin zoo, was used as storage of Museum values – for example, there was a hidden part of the Pergamon altar.

Anti-aircraft guns mounted on Flakturm beat the defeat in the horizontal plane 20.9 km and could be used in anti-tank and anti protivoavarijnoj, and against aircraft the ascent of the projectile Flak was 14.8 km.

It should be noted that the project called for full autonomy of the fortresses in the whole year in a hostile environment: in each tower was its own power, its own source of water supply from artesian wells and huge stockpiles of food. Anti-aircraft batteries were equipped with radar Würzburg-Riese (FuMg 65). Thickness of reinforced concrete walls reach up to 3.5 meters, ceilings up to 5 meters. In total there were three types of Anti-aircraft towers:

Type 1. Width-the length of 75×75 meters, 39 meters height, 3.5 meters wall, horizontal overlap 5 meters.

Type 2. Width-57×57 meters length, 42 meters high, walls 2 meters high, overjet of 3.5 meters.

3. The diameter of 43 meters, height of 55 meters, the walls are 2.5 meters, overjet of 3.5 meters.

For the Soviet troops in April 1945, the towers were almost insurmountable obstacles to assault it, and in crossfire the two towers (the first was near the Berlin zoo and the second in the Park Friedrichshain), the 2nd tank army lost several is-2, as well as a few arbitary. The resistance of the Towers ended with the surrender of Berlin on 2 may 1945.

more about the tower can be read here.

Yes, and the network at the moment there is a lot of material on them.

The idea of the main functional purpose of the construction of these structures was, to raise anti-aircraft weapons above the earth, so as to increase the angle of attack and respectively.

The question is, in terms of how original it was this decision? And does our history has such examples? Or engineers of the third Reich on their own and independently of all created this line of fortification.

As it turned out, history knows.

look at the picture. The same wall, which is Chinese. Which is still trying and we really can’t. Imagine yourself in the role of warlike nomad living only raids. Presented? You will be raiding using climbing equipment to make? Still the question, what trunk it Tama built the wall I mean, if there and so impassable natural obstacles. See photos the walls here.

so this is what comes out, the longest air defence system? The Germans are so pampered we can say on this background. Experience of communication with Tibet was not in vain.


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