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Quarantine Sloboda

The initiative group “Quarantine village” announces the start of the project .

In the framework of the project “Judicial proceedings on annulment of a Contract on temporary use right of land No. 674 dated  between SSGA and PE Progress” . The official start of the project from . The results of the implementation of the objectives of the project in January 2013″

The press conference:the Media center “IPC Sevastopol”.

The aim of the project is: to prevent the possibility of the construction of 21-storey hotel in the beach area falls within a comprehensive security zone of monuments of the National reserve “Chersonese”, in the historical area of Chersonesos.

The pit on the Eastern coast of the Quarantine Bay, we consider only the episode of corruption of authorities at different levels. Today such problems, when the violation of norms of the legislation and law are diverted to private ownership the tidbits of the folk of the earth. Dozens of examples: wild omega, Laspi, Maiden hill, the necropolis of Chersonesos, parks, gardens, coast city, etc.

The problem of construction in wild beach rolling Pin has dragged on for more than a decade. In 2000 the then head of SSGA Junko L. M. signed a decree which became the basis of a lease agreement with the state of emergency is Progress. Now Junko holds the position of Director of administration of the National reserve “Chersonese”. In order to highlight its position a letter was directed to the reserve to attempt to induce to make actions on cancellation of the lease. What Junko signed by the Deputy evasively answers: “the establishment of protection zones of monuments can’t be cannot be the basis for enforcement of dispossession”, and due to the emergency, the Progress made, the relocation and restoration of the frescoes destroyed by the ancient burial structure.

After researching the problem we today can speak about the main violations:

1. Not comply with the terms of this agreement:

3.2.1. b) to erect buildings in accordance with the General Plan

3.2.2. b) to ensure the cleanliness and beautification of allotted areas and adjacent 10 m of the border of the plot

3,2,2 l) …during the term of the land use to contain elements of complex improvement…

2. Violations of the law:

Water and land codes

— The laws for the preservation of cultural and archaeological heritage

3. Abuse of power by the leadership of SSGA (the process of land transfer from BSF questionable)

4. PE Progress are exempted from the payment of rent, only the land tax (the damage to the budget is huge)

Currently focused on statements of SSGA and the city Council calling for the cancellation of orders and contracts with the state of emergency Progress (Chernyavsky A. A.). Our further actions, depending on the response of the authorities — involvement of prosecutors and trial preparation process independent cancellation of the contract and/or orders of SSGA.

The participants of the press conference:

lawyer of NGO “Quarantine village” Yuri Alekseevich Drozdov

The project is implemented in the framework of the contest of small grants “Mcroran for advocating Netiv communities of the South of Ukraine”,

ngoo organized by the development Fund of the city of Nikolaev and funded by the International Fund “Renaissance” (Kyiv, Ukraine) and NGOO development Fund of the city of Nikolaev.

The contents and opinions displayed in this [document] are the sole responsibility of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the donors of the project.

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