Underground Etruscan pyramids
Archaeologists have discovered an underground pyramid of the Etruscans Known above-ground Etruscan pyramids, this is one of them. Most likely, they served as altars. In Central Italy a group of…

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The architecture and sculpture of the Gothic
The architecture and sculpture of the Gothic Gothic art represents the next Romanesque after the stage of development of medieval art. The name is conventionally. It was synonymous with barbarism…

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The ancient history of Mexico and the Nazca lines
That hide the ancient history of Mexico and the Nazca lines As each and every historical discovery, pseudo gem and the same statement is probably true only in case, if…

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The great structures

Architecture. Complete encyclopedia. The greatest monuments of the world. History and styles. Architects

Architecture is a vast subject, covering the whole world and disappearing into the depths of ancient history. But who would think of the idea to cram huge skyscrapers, powerful air dome and the arch in one book fits in a purse, briefcase or backpack! But the authors have done this and tried to consider the requirements of different readers. Of course, among you there are those who will ask why I don’t mentioned about a Church or Cathedral. There are thousands of buildings, worthy to be included in the guide to the architecture of the world, but if each one of them to pay due attention to the printed pages, the whole world would not accommodate such a large number of books. The book includes, as far as possible, those buildings that the author was able to see with your own eyes. Included in this book and those buildings that have long been destroyed. The monuments, so important to the history of architecture, it was impossible not to mention them. Geographically, the authors have tried to cover as much part of our world. But the monuments of some countries are missing in this guide. And again, the reason for the size of the book and that there are a number of countries and regions, which showed to the world a disproportionate number of masterpieces. In the book, very little “folk”, national architecture. The monuments in this the book are depicted as if they stood alone. So much easier to remember them, to describe and to understand. Of course, many of them are on streets and avenues, surrounded by a crowd of people and other buildings. This book will be only the beginning of an entertaining journey for those who want to see the world through architecture and its history.

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The book contains the

The most mysterious places
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Mysterious megaliths Alatri
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