Mysterious megaliths Alatri
Mysterious megaliths Alatri All known Egipetskie pyramids, Machu Picchu and Stonehenge... we admire these ancient and mysterious buildings. Did you know that the ancient megalithic buildings in Italy? Today we…

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Male Gothic names
Male Gothic Names Male Gothic names can be taken from religion and mythology, and really existed at some of the names of men ready, Scandinavians, Romans, Slavs. Adelfas - noble…

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Ancient structures
The builders of Stonehenge were guided by the task of recreating the interference pattern, says the American scientist Stephen Waller. Independent researcher believed that the arrangement of stones conforms to…

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The most mystical place on Earth

The most mystical place on Earth

Mystery is extremely appealing to the human being, like all unusual, generating curiosity. On our beautiful planet, many mysterious places, they are studied by scientists, but often they can’t explain the phenomena occurring in these areas. What is the most mystical place on Earth is the most mysterious?

We’re not going to rank the most mystical places on the planet, as each of them is unique, and that happens there is unexplained from the point of view of earthly laws.

The Nazca Lines

Almost 500 km2 of the Peruvian Nazca lines cover the mysterious lines (geoglyphs). Image of geometric shapes, insects, animals and people – groove depth of 30 cm in sand-and-pebble pound. Who made such huge images that are only visible from a considerable height? For what purpose was created the huge complex drawings? Why for 2000 years the picture has not collapsed? These questions don’t have reliable answers.

The sinister valley of death

A few of the earth’s territories considered to be the most mystical places of the world, they are called valleys of death.

Eluu Cherkekh

Yakut Death Valley is on the Vilyui lowlands. In remote places are dug into the ground large metal objects. Remaining overnight in a warm metal the cameras hunters became ill and soon died. The symptoms strangely similar to the symptoms of severe radiation exposure. Locals believe that iron has fallen from the sky, and once in a century out of the ground burst a huge column of fire, burning out all on 100 m in radius.

Peruvian death Valley

In the West of the Andes in Peru, there is a gorge, where he had been during the night, ill severe anaemia and quickly died. Visited the valley in the daytime remained healthy and unharmed.

The Pyrenean Valley of death

In the heart of the valley, surrounded on all sides by mountains, is a pristine lake All. But here not even the birds fly. Periodically in this place people disappear. Those who returned, look strangely old and not quite sane.

Mysterious and terrible death Valley is in China – Dell black bamboo, and in Canada’s headless Valley, and in Russia – the Dyatlov pass.

Located in the Western hemisphere migratory small island called “the eater of ships”. Due to the nature of local currents their final resting place in this terrible place find thousands of vessels. Huge ships delayed inside the island of sand just a couple of months. There is speculation that the island is a living substance having a silicon nature.

The Bermuda triangle

The area of the Atlantic ocean in the Western hemisphere is associated with numerous reports of traceless disappearance of ships and aircraft, the appearance of abandoned crews of vessels, an unusual time, light, and spatial phenomena. Hypotheses about what is happening in the Bermuda triangle numerous: some argue that in the bottom of the ocean found their refuge, the inhabitants of Atlantis, while others believe that there is a base of aliens, and some believe that this area is a portal to other dimensions.

Easter Island

Stone giants were created between the years 1250 and 1500 ad. How could carved monolithic statues, the islanders, and most importantly, how was transported the multi-ton figures from the mining site to the rock, defies explanation.

The Pyramids Of Yonaguni

Massive platform and stone columns are at a depth of 40 m near the Japanese island of Ryuku. Some try to challenge the man-made origin of the complex, but most scholars rightly believe that nature can create so many right angles, square shapes the correct.

Devils Tower

Exceeding 2.5 times the size of the great pyramid of Cheops, the devils Tower is located in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The local population claims that on top of the mountain is sometimes seen mysterious lights. People to get to the mysterious object can’t!

The Town Of Jihlava

The most mystical city in the world – Jihlava in the Czech Republic. In the catacombs made by the people in the middle ages, ghosts and clearly heard the sound of the organ. A special archaeological expedition in 1996 not found in groundwater during a single premises could accommodate the bulky tool, but confirmed the reality of the existence of organ sounds. In addition, in the catacombs found a glowing staircase, the nature of light to explain which scientists have not been able.

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