Quarantine Sloboda
The initiative group "Quarantine village" announces the start of the project . In the framework of the project "Judicial proceedings on annulment of a Contract on temporary use right of…

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Gothic architecture
  Gothic architecture Gothic (it. gotico - letters. Gothic, svyazannye with a Germanic tribe is ready) - an artistic style that emerged in the mid-twelfth century in France and spread…

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Gothic in France
Gothic in France Architecture The stages of development of Gothic architecture Gothic is an artistic style that emerged in the mid-twelfth century in France and spread in Western, Central and…

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The symbolism of Gothic cathedrals

The symbolism of Gothic cathedrals. Lecture

In the Gothic cathedrals hidden secrets of great teaching.

We move in a world of progress – the farther we are from the ancient teachings and the less we know and understand about the world around us.

Secret brotherhoods of masons they were built under the leadership of the knights Hospitaller and the knights Templar. According to one legend, nine French knights found under the ruins of the temple of Solomon Treasured chest – the Grail? Show all.. Filled with mysteries of the Divine law, managing by the numbers and measures, including the so-called Golden number 1,618. The knowledge extracted by the knights Templar, kept secret and there is no doubt that knights themselves to the end will be brought relics, written in an unfamiliar language. But… supposedly some external force was pushing people to create unusual temple. In the short term – for 30 years, which is unusual for that time, was built Chartres Cathedral design.

And mystery is a huge maze, greeters at the entrance, its length is 250 meters. The labyrinth symbolizes the way of the pilgrim to the attainment of enlightenment. The maze opens to join him, the perfect way of life, going to the center person understands how it needs to realize itself.

The maze compared with the orbits of the planets, which are subordinate to the overall harmony of the movement.

Similar drawings found in medieval manuscripts.

Next – experts have calculated that the Cathedral is located on geomantic lines connecting the city of Reims with Brittany. (the Celts?) Under the Central part of the Cathedral found 14 overlapping streams at this place initially and were the altar of the Cathedral above it at a height of 37 meters is the highest point of the Gothic arch, is the altar connected the highest and the lowest point – the Earth and the Sky and this is the main purpose of Chartres – and for what?

Next mystery – what happened after the vision, the druids carved wooden statue of the girl with the babies, which they worshipped, and called the Virgin under the Earth. This statue was found by Christians in the third century and began to worship her as the Black virgin (nor does that kind of continuity can also be seen in other caves found in the statues of Black Madonnas – Monserrat and Guadalupe?)

All subsequent stained glass Windows of medieval Europe copied the stained glass Windows of Chartres, 10 000 sculptures of stone and glass stores, the Cathedral…

They say that the Cathedral in Chartres has a special power to ennoble the human spirit.

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