Mysterious places of the planet
Mysterious places of the planet Our mother Earth is full of secrets and mysteries, in all the big planet in different places have their mysterious place. Blog about the most…

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Underground Etruscan pyramids
Archaeologists have discovered an underground pyramid of the Etruscans Known above-ground Etruscan pyramids, this is one of them. Most likely, they served as altars. In Central Italy a group of…

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Coral castle
The most mysterious places on the planet Coral castle CORAL CASTLE is a complex of huge statues and megaliths weighing 1,100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines…

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Most mysterious places Earth

“Charmed”, “the Most mysterious places of the Earth”, “Secrets of the world with Anna Chapman”. What’s the connection?

The transfer of “the Most mysterious places of the Earth” will allow you to visit unusual places on the planet. Is a transfer of about 25 episodes.

In the first series we will talk about Alcatraz. Once this prison was also mentioned in the television series “Charmed”. Her whole series was dedicated. There is a legend that the souls of the prisoners still live in this prison. This place is located in the San Francisco Bay, there often visit. Visitors are told about how the prisoners lived. There were exiled the most hopeless. A whole series of shows devoted to this island-prison. Many earnestly believe that there are ghosts, and claim to have seen them.

In the second series the audience will tell about New Orleans, the City of the Dead. Here twisted American, French and African culture. This city is a real cultural phenomenon. They say that the city is being haunted.

In the fourth series we will focus on the state of Massachusetts, the city of Salem, the Witch City. It, too, as it was mentioned in “Charmed”. Now the TV show “the Most mysterious places of the Earth took it’s place. Here were held the trials of witches, who were burned at the stake in the seventeenth century.

In the sixth episode will tell you about the Mayan civilization and their cities. They could to make predictions, and were a fairly advanced civilization. The seventh series will talk about Western Honduras and the Mayan temples.

The eleventh series will talk about the mountains in Peru and ancient Inkah. Also we will be talking about they built Machu Picchu. In the twelfth episode, you will be able to learn about Peru and the Nazca desert. The civilization living in these places disappeared in 750 ad. They say that in the drawings of the Nazca desert you can find answers to many questions. Of drawings is about 300. Sometimes they are called ancient runways.

On the fourteenth of the series will tell you about Camelot and King Arthur. Behind all history there is a real person. This is the most amazing legends of England’s Camelot. What if in the legend there is a grain of truth? King Arthur, Merlin, Queen, knights of the round table. Looking for Camelot for several years now. This ancient British king attracts many. But in the nineteenth episode, you will see Transylvania. Further in the show “the Most mysterious places of the Earth” will be stories in the same spirit.

In General, in the program “the Most mysterious places of the Earth” focusing on ghosts, extinct civilizations, anomalous, and inexplicable phenomena, witches, magic, religion, prophecies, and predictions. Not surprisingly, some places of transmission mentioned in the popular TV series “Charmed”. As we have seen, mainly in the transmission razvalivayutsya secrets of USA and America. Only occasionally shows Europe. So far we’ve only seen England and Portugal. Yes, there are unexplored places! You can say that the transmission is similar in theme and on “the Secrets of the world with Anna Chapman”. But it is much more interesting, because talk about what happened in the past. Unravel the secrets of the past. In “Secrets of the world” the story is about the mysteries of our time.

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