Gothic letter
Gothic letter Since the beginning of the printing appeared inlaid Gothic fonts — famous Gutenberg Bible was typed variant textures. In Italy, the first printed book with Gothic letters appeared…

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Underground city of Derinkuyu
Underground city of Derinkuyu Underground complex of Derinkuyu is located in the same village (ancient name – Melagobia, Turkish – Manenguba, which means "deep well") is 30 km South of…

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Gothic harmony
Gothic harmony In 1983 released the cult film "the Hunger" directed by Tony Scott, with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie in the lead roles. The history of the vampire Miriam…

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Mysterious places of the planet

Mysterious places of the planet

Our mother Earth is full of secrets and mysteries, in all the big planet in different places have their mysterious place. Blog about the most interesting things to tell, about some of them.

Damn glade

Near the crash site of the Tunguska body is an abnormal geopathic zone, which most likely it is with a fallen meteorite and connected, called “devil’s cemetery”. Also draws attention to the fact that the coordinates of this zone fairly close to the node geocriological lattice. In this meadow the incomprehensible nature of the radiation inhibits the trees growing there, scare the animals, causing headaches and a great sense of fear.

As eyewitnesses note, what is most interesting T – shaped meadow not only are rotting corpses advanced on imprudence here cows. In the 1980s a former resident of the Cova reported a strange Polyana as follows: “On the bare ground lay the carcass and bones of birds and small animals, and the overhanging branches of trees on a glade of charred, as if there was a fire…”.

The modern expedition as “Cova 87;88”, which was recovered on the quest has not reached its goal, but it does not say about the lack of “Ferris cemetery”, as it is very difficult to find in the forest clearing 200 – 250 meters of the clearing. However, in the 90-ies became aware of a rather successful attempt to find that Damn clearing, about which were written in the newspaper. However, after objections went to the members of the expedition that has supposedly been found and they described the place of the previous descriptions is not consistent.

Hill Kyzburun

In Kabardino – Balkaria near the village of Gisburn is miraculous, sacred hill, maybe even this man-made ancient mound on the hill Lisburn.

Legend says that if it is not Scythian burial mound saved, and the Muslim cemetery of the righteous, when the researchers wanted to determine “whose burial”, in principle of Islam actually is not peculiar to such grandiose sepulchral structures. The locals are not allowed, preserving a beautiful legend to desecrate the tomb. And since 90 – ies it became a place of pilgrimage.

So the “culprit” of such a pilgrimage – Suriana Kunasheva 18 years of age, saw from childhood the invisible world of angels, they patronized her in all things. Sometimes walking alone through the dark streets, appeared a heavenly light, illuminating her path to the house, sometimes she got information from “them” how to act, what rituals during prayer time to follow.

The villagers were Muslims came to her for advice. But once Suriana received in a dream the message that near the village there is a mound which emits a glow and here it is necessary to arrange collective prayers.

In 1993 she again had a dream, where the prophet Muhammad told her that on this hill you can heal people, regardless of their faith. One in the morning before dawn came to the hill, he lit up. They were praying and some of them are cured.

Of course, this is not proven by science and still study hill have not been conducted, but humanity’s belief nothing more than cannot be shaken.

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