The most mysterious places
  Amur poles Portal to other dimensions Anza-Borrego desert Bloom Aokigahara Forest of suicides Ar dalam, the Cave of Adam and eve Arkaim is the City of mutual support Baalbek,…

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Ancient structures
The builders of Stonehenge were guided by the task of recreating the interference pattern, says the American scientist Stephen Waller. Independent researcher believed that the arrangement of stones conforms to…

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The most Holy places of the world
The most Holy places of the world On our planet there are more than 25 thousand religious movements and cults. And each of these religions has its own Holy places…

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Male Gothic names

Male Gothic Names

Male Gothic names can be taken from religion and mythology, and really existed at some of the names of men ready, Scandinavians, Romans, Slavs.

Adelfas – noble and ready

Alaric is all – powerful, the ruler

Alaris – all-powerful ruler

Alaric – all-powerful ruler

Aleve – guarding of all

Alaric – all-powerful ruler

Aleris – all-powerful ruler

Alric is powerful and ruler

ALIS – all-powerful ruler

Alrick – all-powerful ruler

Up service from Gothic adrs – quick.

Azrael – the angel of Death in Islam.

Albo from Gothic albs – the Light Spirit.

Anubis – ancient Egyptian God of Death.

Asmodeus – in Kabbalah, the Demon Fighter.

Betty – Gothic meaning – crazy.

Balivo from Gothic balws evil.

Belial is the name in the Kabbalah corresponds to the Spirit of Falsehood.

Beowulf from Gothic bius – bee; wulfs wolf.

Vermundo – mens Gothic name is defender of people

Handisaw – wise fog spirit (from Nordic mythology)

Gabriel – the angel of the power of God in Kabbalah.

Ermenegildo – matters-huge tribute

Theoderic – name for a real goth, means king of Nations

Theodoric – king of Nations

Theodoricus – kingNations

Crow – crow, the harbinger of death, the bird of Odin.

Mortagor – from Gothic maurthr killer; gaurs – gloomy, sad.

Odoacer – rich and vigilant

Odovacar – rich and vigilant

Alaric is all – powerful, the ruler of all

Allaris is all – powerful, the ruler of all

Alleric is all – powerful, the ruler of all

Aleris is all – powerful, the ruler of all

Allrich is all – powerful, the ruler of all

Theodoricus – the king of all

Ferdinand is ready to drive

Halo – from Gothic hallus – death

Hildifons – man goth – ready for battle

Marik – Gothic means – ruler

Aerik has the meaning -ruler

Gothic names Vampires

For any goth subculture it is its own full-fledged real life. And each representative of the Gothic culture has the right to choose a real magical Gothic name. Below is a list of the names of vampires with a brief description.

GAYAL. A vampiric spirit from India. Usually created due to the death of a man who had no one to properly perform the funeral rites at his funeral. When he returns he is heavily dominated by hatred for her sons and other relatives. The threat of a relative, returned as a GAYAL usually ensures that the proper funeral rites – are wrong.

ALGUL. Arabic the vampire, or “gin-bloodsucker”. This form of vampire is traditionally a female demon, who arranges orgies on their dead infants and inhabited cemeteries.

DANAG. Filipino vampire, it appeared as a kind of responsible for having created the Tarot in the Islands many years ago. He worked with people for many years, but once the partnership ended when a woman cut her finger and a DANAG sucked her wound, enjoying the taste so long that it dried her body completely.

Gothic names have many sources of origin. One of them is a partial borrowing from various mythological sources and languages of the world. Therefore, among the Gothic names we can often find an abbreviated form of foreign names among which can be:Muslim names (Amber, Ali, Mohammed. ), Aramaic (Bartholomew, Martha, Thomas. ), English (Brian, Dylan, Kermit, Tara. ), French (Alison, Bruce, Olivia. ), German (Charles, Leonard, Richard, William. ), Greek ( Angel, Christopher, George, Selina. ), Hebrew (Adam, David, John, Michelle. ), Italian (Bianca, Donna, Mia. ), Latin (Cordelia, Diana, Patrick, Victoria. ), Scandinavian (Brenda, Dustin, Eric. ), Persian (Esther, Jasmine, Roxanne. ), from Sanskrit – the ancient literary language of India the name (Beryl, Opal, Uma. ) Slavic (Boris, Nadia, Vera. ), Spanish (Dolores, Linda, Rio. ) and other foreign names in the world.

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