What to see in Brugge in one day?
Living the dream The magical city of antiquity or what to see in Brugge in one day? On the last day of his trip to Benelux we headed to the…

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The architecture and sculpture of the Gothic
The architecture and sculpture of the Gothic Gothic art represents the next Romanesque after the stage of development of medieval art. The name is conventionally. It was synonymous with barbarism…

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Giant artificial underground structures
Giant artificial underground structures and other megaliths in Russia Mysterious places of Russia — the ancient cities of Siberia It is considered that we are Russian nation is quite young.In…

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Mysterious structures


The King Of Stonhenge

Mysterious structure – Stonehenge, a complex of huge rocks, placed the rings on the Salisbury plain, in southern England, long vexed historians (see “Science and life” № 12, 1996). Radiocarbon analysis found here the remnants of campfires showed that the construction of more than 4,000 years, Stonehenge was erected on the edge of the stone and bronze ages, several centuries before the Trojan war. The construction, as so often with medieval cathedrals, lasted more than one hundred years, proceeded in several stages and was completed around 1600 BC

Over the centuries that have passed since then, the local population has changed several times, and living not only now, but also lived in England hundreds of years ago already had the vaguest idea of the origins, time of occurrence and the purpose of this structure. The first written mention of Stonehenge refers to 1136. The British chronicler, author of “history of the Britons” galfrid manatsky, knew and purpose, and history of giant buildings. According to him, initially, these huge stones are a nation of giants was taken “from the outermost reaches of Africa and set them in Iberni” (the ancient name of Ireland). Great Merlin, according to Alfredo Monatskarte, explained to the king of the Britons Aurelius that the rocks have these Continue reading

The architectural styles of Spain

The architectural styles of Spain

On the territory of this unusual country are almost all styles of world architecture. Roman monuments, austere Gothic cathedrals, magnificent buildings of the Renaissance and Baroque… In many cities are widely represented Catalan art Nouveau. In particular, the unique creations of the genius Antonio gaudí and Cornet, which are intertwined in several architectural styles – from Romanesque to plateresque: let us recall the Church of Sagrada de Surname in Barcelona.

In the architecture of fortresses and castles, churches and cathedrals, all sorts of historical buildings and homes that are located in ancient cities, declared a world heritage by UNESCO, reflects the different, sometimes very unusual options for creative expression of their creators.

Ancient Roman architecture is well represented in Tarragona. This is the first Roman city on Spanish soil, the ancient capital of Catalonia, the second largest port. Here are preserved the fortified wall of the III century BC amphitheatre for Gladiator fights, circus Maximus, arch of Bera, the remains of the tower of Scipio, the Christian Necropolis, the devil’s bridge aqueduct and Cathedral of Santa Maria.

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Five most mysterious places of Russia

Five most mysterious places of Russia

Since ancient times, people have attributed certain localities miraculous properties, granting them with an aura of sacredness or curse. In Russia, too, found a lot of places where there are unusual and mysterious phenomena. Consider those that, from the perspective of parapsychologists, ufologists and other researchers are included in the “top five”, and will try to analyze: what is the reason for the “anomalous”?

Flammable Dipper

Medveditsky ridge is one of the most famous anomalous zones of Russia. It is a chain of undulating hills with a height 200-380 m on the border of the Volgograd and Saratov regions.

The most bizarre place on the bear is the so-called Bloody lair, where constantly observed ball lightning. At the point of intersection of their trajectories in the trees there are traces of burns.

However, burn not only the trees. On 11 November 1990 in the heart of the Bloody den was burned alive, sitting down to relax on a bale of hay, the shepherd Bisen Mamaev. His friend found a charred body… Perhaps the causes of the fire are connected with the mysterious underground lightning.

Version. Can be considered “alien” version, and the version of “magical powers”. But most likely, there is a range of different fields of the physical nature that affect material objects.

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Quarantine Sloboda
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The most mystical place on Earth
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