About the Sphinx and the great pyramids
The ancient Egyptians have left monuments which to this day amaze scientists for its giant size. The most significant monuments of ancient Egypt are the Great Pyramids. These grandiose structures…

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Master images of Gothic cathedrals
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Underground treatment facilities
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The highest religious buildings

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The highest religious buildings

Temples, cathedrals, churches and chapels are not only a sacred place for religious people, but also a stunning attraction for tourists. The Church is practically in all cities of the world and most of them have interesting and unusual architecture. Also, some churches stand out for their scales. Here is a list of the tallest religious structures in the world.

1. The great Hassan II mosque is 210 m

The Hassan II mosque located in Casablanca is not only the largest mosque in Morocco, but in General the most largest religious temple in the world. It was built during the government of king Hassan II in 1993 and offers a wonderful view of the Atlantic ocean. It is noteworthy that the architect of the mosque — the Frenchman Michel Pinto, was not a Muslim. At the same time in Hassan II mosque can pray 20 thousand believers and another 80 thousand — on the square near it. The total cost of this building amounted to about $ 800 million. And it is the donations of the faithful. The Hassan II mosque is one of the few religious buildings in Morocco where non-Muslims allowed. Inside praying hall is decorated with 78 columns made of pink granite, the floors are covered with Golden marble and green onyx in winter the floor is heated, and the Central roof part can be moved apart. Paying 100 dirhams (about 10 American dollars), anyone can get in and make photosgraphy.

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The most Holy places of the world

The most Holy places of the world

On our planet there are more than 25 thousand religious movements and cults. And each of these religions has its own Holy places . marked some very important spiritual event or imprinted in the Scriptures. The number of such Holy places is very difficult to count, and enjoyed every one of them and it is not possible. But in the world there are two cities that are considered the most sacred of all is Jerusalem (Israel) and Varanasi (India). Each of these Holy places revered in three religions . Jerusalem is a sacred city for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Varanasi is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Both these Holy places attract thousands of pilgrims, eager to see every one to his own Shrine.

This city is a real stumbling block in the relations between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Tens of thousands of adherents of each of these religions were killed for possession of their Holy place in Jerusalem. The war over Jerusalem began all historical epochs, and political strife because of it does not cease to this day.

Jews consider Jerusalem their Holy place, for obvious reasons: it is the city where king Solomon built the first Temple – the main Shrine of Judaism and the Jewish personification of the status of God’s chosen people. The first Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, rebuilt the Second Temple brave before the Foundation of the Roman Emperor Titus, the construction of the Third Temple Jews have been waiting for almost 2 thousand Continue reading

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a magnificent reminder of Ancient Rome

The Colosseum is one of the main symbols of Rome, came to us from the ancient times. Today, the Colosseum is crumbling, fanned by hot wind ancient structure that attracts tourists because of its grandeur and beauty.

The Colosseum was built during the reign of the Flavian dynasty. By the way, originally the Colosseum was called the Flavian amphitheatre . – in honor of the ruling family.

The Architecture Of The Colosseum

The Flavian amphitheatre was a place of entertainment and amusement. Here was held the famous Gladiator fights, fights of beasts and other popular in those days entertainment. For example, the floor plate was expanded, and the area turned into a pond depth of 1.5 m, where he played sea battles.

The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater of the Ancient world. His size is just impressive structure in the shape of an oval with the walls 156 of 188 meters, its height 48 to 50 meters. Such huge size of the amphitheatre was possible to seat 50,000 spectators. The construction of the Colosseum took 8 years (72 – 80 years).

Architectural technique that was used in the construction of the Colosseum in Rome, is used in the construction of stadiums and other arenas to this day. Its essence consists that it is necessary to evenly arrange the multiple entrances around the perimeter of the Continue reading

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