Coral castle
The most mysterious places on the planet Coral castle CORAL CASTLE is a complex of huge statues and megaliths weighing 1,100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines…

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Secrets of the underworld
Mysteries and secrets of history Secrets of the underworld Secrets of the underground world, it is difficult to find a nation on Earth that didn't have legends about creatures living…

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The symbolism of Gothic cathedrals
The symbolism of Gothic cathedrals. Lecture In the Gothic cathedrals hidden secrets of great teaching. We move in a world of progress - the farther we are from the ancient…

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Master images of Gothic cathedrals

The main images of the sculptures of Gothic cathedrals

The Gothic Cathedral represented a distinctive collection of religious transfigured realities of the world. In it his life’s struggle, conflict, sorrow, and suffering people, compassion and love, hatred and anger acted in sculptural compositions, transferring the images of different gospel stories, such as the scourge of the Patriarch job, the persecution of the Martyr cruel pagans, crying the mother of God on the crucified Christ.

When choosing subjects, how and when the distribution of images, the wizard created a giant Gothic sculptural complexes, obeyed the established Church rules. Together ancient sculptures. located on the facades of cathedrals, gave a clear view of the universe that took place in accordance with religious beliefs.

As a rule, Central portal, located on the West facade, dedicated to Christ or the Madonna; the left – hand portal is a Saint, venerated in certain dioceses, and the main portal of the Madonna.

On the pillar separating the doors of the Central portal is in two parts, installed a large statue of the Madonna, Christ or a Saint. On the pedestal often appeared the statues representing the seasons or “months”. The slopes of the walls were decorated with monumental figures of apostles, saints, prophets, angels, and old Testament characters. Sometimes, there seemed to plots Continue reading

Underground city of Derinkuyu

Underground city of Derinkuyu

Underground complex of Derinkuyu is located in the same village (ancient name – Melagobia, Turkish – Manenguba, which means “deep well”) is 30 km South of Nevsehir in Cappadocia (Turkey).

The complex is a large eight-level underground city, with a depth of about 85 m, the largest city cleaned today in Turkey, covering an area of about 1,500 sq. m. According to archaeologists currently open only 10% of this ancient city. Only five levels deep in the past, here was large enough to accommodate and lead a life of approximately 20 thousand people together with their products for life, and even livestock.

Derinkuyu was opened in 1963, and in 1965 he was available for inspection by tourists. The city was built probably in the VI-X centuries. It is known that 8-km-long tunnel linked the ancient underground world of Kaymakli – one of the largest underground cities, but at the moment, the tunnel is impassable because of debris.

The entrance to the cave is located in one-story building among the plateau at a height of 1355 m above sea level.

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Technical facilities
Is only slightly rotate your view, so the flow of information overwhelms the mind. The sector survey now turned to fortification. Some time ago, going to visit his friend, found…


Male Gothic names
Male Gothic Names Male Gothic names can be taken from religion and mythology, and really existed at some of the names of men ready, Scandinavians, Romans, Slavs. Adelfas - noble…